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The Best Method To Treat Navicular Disease For Your Horse

Navicular Disease syndrome is a common foot problem that causes lameness in horses. If your horse has a problem on one foot, most probably the other foot also has the same issue. Unfortunately, most of the foot problems especially among the horses are preventable and can be mostly avoided. This can only be achieved by regular inspection of your horse. If the foot problem can be diagnosed at an early age, the issues can be treated before permanent damage is caused. Ensure your veterinarian discusses treatment options. One of the most commonly diagnosed ailments in horses is thrush. Thrush occurs when the horse’s foot is infected and starts to rot and degenerate. The frog develops on the underside of the hoof and has a rubbery consistency. The frog prevents the horse from slipping and acts as a spring the moment the foot hits the ground. The main cause of thrush is when you leave your horse dirty, failure to clean your horse well as well as ill-drained conditions. Ensure you inspect your horse on regular basis to prevent the frog from developing and seeking medical conditions.

Navicular disease should be looked at as a syndrome rather than a disease. This is because different parts of the foot can be affected when a frog develops on the underside of the horse’s foot. The condition develops mostly on the front feet than the rear feet. The disease usually affects certain breeds of horses and certain breeds react very differently from others. Some of the horses that develop this problem are the ones who have a history in their lineage of preceding horses who had a similar condition. The traits that cause Navicular syndrome are passed from generation to generation. Those horses that have a small foot and are unable to support their body mass have a high-risk factor for this condition.

Navicular Disease is treatable. With proper care and maintenance, horses can extend their benefit for a prolonged period without developing Navicular Disease. However, it would be helpful to be checking your horse on regular basis. If you find that your horse has developed Navicular Syndrome, ensure you seek proper medication. Most of the researchers have tried to come up with various medications to treat the syndrome. The best way you can get the best cure for Navicular Disease is by researching from the internet. You will find very many websites that deal with Navicular disease treatment. Look for medication that offers classical and convectional treatments that would treat lameness. Various websites offer insights on different treatment options and it would be helpful for you to choose the right medication.

When choosing the right medication to treat Navicular Syndrome, it would be helpful to ask for referrals and recommendations from your friends and family members. They might know a certain veterinarian who offers an effective treatment of the syndrome. Look for testimonials from previous clients. If the testimonials and feedback are positive, then you will be sure the treatment option is effective.

In conclusion, Navicular disease syndrome is treatable. If the condition can be controlled at early stages, the horse’s foot will remain useful for a long period. The above points will help you search for the right medication from the internet, get the best medication through referrals, and choose the best treatment method to treat Navicular Disease Syndrome.

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