STEP 4: Start Blogging!

How to Post

When you first started blogging, you would wish you had all the resources you need in making sure that you are posting right. Posting right, after all, is not merely about writing compelling, witty blog posts. You also have to make sure that your blog remains as original as possible, without forgetting the essential code of ethics in blogging. Here are some of the most important reminders when it comes to posting in your blog.

Giving the right credit

It is not always possible to be 100% authentic in your blog posts, so if you have taken an idea or an image from some other site, make sure that you give the right credit to the blog or the person concerned.

Photos or images

Your blog will need images along with the text, and some bloggers make use of original images and photos in their websites. Nonetheless, if you have just started blogging and you intend to use an image found in another website, make sure that it is fine to use the image or the photo. Also, you can give due credit by adding a link to the website where you have sourced the image. It is also important for you not to steal bandwidth; so if you must use an image for your blog, make sure that you download the image or the photo into your computer first.

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