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All You Need to Know About Gallium Nitrate

Horse owners know very well the ill effects of navicular syndrome or navicular disease. This is a progressive and chronic disease that affects the hooves of horses particularly the navicular bone and can also include the navicular bursa, the as deep digital flexor tendon, and can include the whole navicular apparatus. Once a horse will experience lameness then it is mostly due to this type of disease. Almost one-third of horses that experience lameness certainly will have a navicular disease. You will be able to find a lot of different options, treatments, and medications when addressing navicular diseases. Most of these treatments though are considered to be ineffective. Some may take effect but will only be effective for around one to two years which is considered to be a short-term treatment. After that, the disease will continue affecting the horse.

Navicular disease can have many different symptoms but the most significant one is lameness. This type of disease can be caused by a number of different things. One of the breakthroughs in addressing navicular disease is the utilization of a medication known as oral gallium nitrate. It is this treatment that has been utilized for humans to reduce the loss of calcium from the bone. Individuals having diseases or conditions that affect the bones are usually taking oral gallium nitrate. Gallium nitrate is known to be effective in reducing bone resorption. That is why it is this medication that is able to maintain and restore bone mass in almost all vertebrate species. And since navicular disease is considered to be a bone disease, oral gallium nitrate has been utilized to address it.

The effectiveness of gallium nitrate was seen by the owners of horses that experience navicular diseases. This is also the reason why those horses with arthritis have been treated with gallium nitrate as well and have shown significant improvements. Even those owners treating their horses with gallium nitrate found out that it is also effective on them since they have experienced relief from arthritis that they are feeling themselves. Those that have kept their hands wet with fourteen percent gallium nitrate solutions while treating their horses have experienced long-lasting relief. Some individuals even claim that the relief lasted for up to five years. The effectiveness of gallium nitrate has opened up other forms of it. You will now be able to see gallium nitrate in oral and even topical forms. Gallium nitrate has been seen to be effective against navicular disease despite other forms of treatments and medications failing.

If you are planning to make use of oral gallium nitrate as a treatment for your horse’s navicular disease or lameness then see to it that you will have a good idea of the proper dosage and how it should be given to your horse. It is also important to make sure that you will be purchasing your gallium nitrate from reliable and trusted sellers or suppliers. This will ensure that you will be giving a product to your horse that is safe and effective.

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